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DVD to avi with multiple audio tracks and subtitles

  • Copy Dvd to harddrive if possible
vobcopy -m -i /media/cdrom0/ -o . 
  • Get chapter information
dvdxchap -t 1 /dev/sr0 > chapters.txt
  • Get subtitles
mencoder dvd://1//dev/sr0 -nosound -ovc frameno -o /dev/null -slang en -vobsubout sub.en
  • Convert subtitles to srt: Use avidemux, works fine.
  • Get the crop values:
mplayer dvd://1//dev/sr0 -vf cropdetect -sb 50000000
  • Write the values down. Ex: -vf crop=704:560:12:6
  • Do a small mencoder test to get the correct aspect ratio after cropping:
mencoder dvd://1//dev/sr0 -vf crop=704:560:12:6 -oac copy -ovc raw -endpos 120 -o movie-cropped.mpg
mplayer -v movie-cropped.mpg | grep -i aspect
  • Example: 1.79:1
  • Encoding first pass:
mencoder -nosub dvd://1//dev/sr0 -vf pullup,softskip,crop=704:560:12:6,harddup -nosound  -ovc x264 -x264encopts bitrate=1000:subq=5:bframes=3:b_pyramid=normal:turbo=1:pass=1 -of rawvideo -o movie.264
  • Enconding second pass:
mencoder -nosub dvd://1//dev/sr0 -vf pullup,softskip,crop=704:560:12:6,harddup -nosound -ovc x264 -x264encopts bitrate=1000:subq=5:8x8dct:frameref=2:bframes=3:b_pyramid=normal:weight_b:pass=2 -of rawvideo -o movie.264
  • Get audio
mkfifo audiodump.pcm
mplayer -vo null dvd://1//dev/sr0 -aid 129 -ao pcm:fast:nowaveheader:file=audiodump.pcm -channels 6 & faac -b 256 -q 100 -P -R 48000 -C 6 -X audiodump.pcm -o audio129.aac
rm audiodump.pcm
  • Use mmg to merge audio129.aac, movie.264, sub.en.idx,, chapters.txt
  • An example mkvmerge:
"mkvmerge" -o "/home/memeruiz/dvdrip-data/movie3.mkv"  "--track-name" "0:video" "--forced-track" "0:no" "--aspect-ratio" "0:1.79" "--default-duration" "0:25fps" "-d" "0" "-A" "-S" "-T" "--no-global-tags" "--no-chapters" "/home/memeruiz/dvdrip-data/movie.264" "--language" "0:eng" "--track-name" "0:en vobsub" "--forced-track" "0:no" "-s" "0" "-D" "-A" "-T" "--no-global-tags" "--no-chapters" "/home/memeruiz/dvdrip-data/sub.en.idx" "--language" "0:eng" "--track-name" "0:en srt" "--forced-track" "0:no" "-s" "0" "-D" "-A" "-T" "--no-global-tags" "--no-chapters" "/home/memeruiz/dvdrip-data/" "--language" "0:ger" "--track-name" "0:de vobsub" "--forced-track" "0:no" "-s" "0" "-D" "-A" "-T" "--no-global-tags" "--no-chapters" "/home/memeruiz/dvdrip-data/" "--language" "0:ger" "--track-name" "0:de srt" "--forced-track" "0:no" "-s" "0" "-D" "-A" "-T" "--no-global-tags" "--no-chapters" "/home/memeruiz/dvdrip-data/" "--language" "0:eng" "--track-name" "0:en audio" "--forced-track" "0:no" "-a" "0" "-D" "-S" "-T" "--no-global-tags" "--no-chapters" "/home/memeruiz/dvdrip-data/audio129.aac" "--language" "0:ger" "--track-name" "0:de audio" "--forced-track" "0:no" "-a" "0" "-D" "-S" "-T" "--no-global-tags" "--no-chapters" "/home/memeruiz/dvdrip-data/audio128.aac" "--track-order" "0:0,1:0,2:0,3:0,4:0,5:0,6:0" "--chapters" "/home/memeruiz/dvdrip-data/chapters.txt"
  • The correct mapping for a 4 channel sound card it's given by: (This adds the center channel to the two front channels
mplayer-mt -channels 6 -af pan=6:0.3333:0:0:0:0:0:0:0.3333:0:0:0:0:0:0:0.5:0:0:0:0:0:0:0.5:0:0:0.3333:0.3333:0:0:0:0:0.3333:0.3333:0.5:0.5:0:0 audio129.aac
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