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Reason to choose it:

  • Hackable (er9x)
  • Compatible with frsky DJT telemetry TX module
  • Cheap!
  • Can be hacked to accept frsky DJT telemetry.
  • Can accept additional slave controls.

Improving your flysky fs-th9x:

  • Add backlight to LCD. (Instructions are in the pictures) (You don't have to peel anything in the backlight. Just put the backlight peelable side againts the LCD)
  • If you have a FLYSKY fs-th9x. You can replace the included transmitter with a frsky DJT telemetry TX modules, just by replacing the box on the back of the control. In case you have a new turnigy 9x, you have to remove the board on the box on the back of the control, and add a frsky telemetry DIY inside of the controller case.
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