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Germany tricks

Disclaimer: Information here is not official in any way and we encourage you to search for the original sources. There may be no original sources sometimes.


Residence permit renewal

This is in the case that you live in Garching bei Muenchen. Take you passport to run all this errands.

  • Go to the “Rathaus”, get an anmeldenbescheinigung (certification of inscription to the city). You should also ask for the erteilung other verlaengerung aufenthaltstitel formular.
  • Fill in the form, you will need information like the birthday of your relatives (parents, wife/husband, children), addresses from old living place in Germany and your address in your original country. Take a dictionary with you to figure out some of the wording.
  • You may be asked for a biometric picture.
  • Don't forget to take with you the letter from your work place where they commit to hire you after you get the residence permit.
  • Go to Landratsamt - Mariahilfplatz to get your residence permit.
  • 30 euros. (08.09.2009)

TUM studies

This explains almost everything.

Recognizing your foreign studies

  • You have to apply to get the title from you university recognized. Use a formular called: Anerkennungsantrag Promotion, Hochschulabschluß Ausland / Application for Nostrification. As of the day of this edit, you can find it here: Send it to the place indicated in the formular.
  • This formular will give reviewed to see if its complete and valid. You will receive an invoice requiring you to pay 75euros.
  • The application is sent to the Fakulty for analysis.
  • The applicant receives a decision of the recognition of your degree.
  • Once this is finished then you can submit a written application for registration on the doctoral list to the deans office of the corresponding faculty.
  • Then you are apparently ready to graduate.

Information from the informatics department

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