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To add a new repository to gitosis:

  • Go to your checkout directory of gitosis-admin
  • Add the following lines at the end:
[group thesis-object-models]
members = memeruiz@cheburashka
writable = thesis-object-models
  • Make your git repo in the other computer (git init ….)
  • Push your repo to the server:
git remote add server ssh://
git push --all
  • To make it public with git-daemon. Install git-daemon-run. Then link the new repo to the git-daemon cache directory.
ln -s /path/to/gitosis/repos/example.git/ /var/cache/git/
  • Get a new clone from the git-daemon:
git clone
  • Done!

Git nice commands

  • To show changes to a particular file
git log --follow -p -- file
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