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Hardware Tricks

Upgrading with all features the DSOX2002A osciloscope

Method without LAN card using patched firmware

  • Download patched 2.50 firmware version from (filename

  • Download license patched file from (

  • Extract this file, edit infiniivision.lnk with:
80#infiniivisionLauncher.exe -l DIS -l MSO --perf -l BW20 -l SCPIPS -l CABLE -l VID
  • Copy firmware file (.ksx) to USB drive. If your current firmware is older than 2.41 then rename this file to .cab
  • Copy licence file (2x .cab files and .lnk file) to same USB drive
  • Go to scope, turn on and plug USB to front panel.
  • Press [Utility] > File Explorer, select the firmware file (; then, press Load File, wait for scope to load and reboot.
  • Check firmware has updated to v2.5, if successful continue
  • Press [Utility] > File Explorer, select file; then, press Load File, wait for scope to load and reboot.

Method with LAN card with original firmware

  • Update original 2.5 firmware. Similar instructions in this video:

  • Modify (patch) binary infiniivisioncore.dll in the following way:
3000A series:

firmware: 2.50
1) options patch:  0x2815f4  --> "04 00 A0 E1" --> "00 00 A0 E3"
2) nag patch:      0x2aae50  --> "CD 59 FF EB" --> "01 00 A0 E3"
  • Use this video with similar instructions (patch is for older firmware):


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