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lpc43xx freedev

Some notes to make a development board for the lpc4357 microcontroller.

Design steps:

  • Add Processor crystal and RTC crystal
  • Add programming ports: JTAG, USART0, and ISP
  • Leave some jumpers or dip switch for the boot pins: P2_9, P2_8, P1_2, P1_1.
  • Serial flash. SPIFI 4 bit bidirectional
  • USB2.0 OTG
  • USB1 Prt
  • Ethernet
  • VBAT jumper
  • USB0 external oscillator is necessary?
  • Reset switch.




lpc21xx board reference design:

lpc21xx linux

isp :

tarjetas de desarrollo con LPCs:

JTAG explanation:

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