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Scientific visualization for python: VisPy

VisPy features:

  • You control the main loop. (VisPy uses pygame)
  • OpenGL 3D.
  • Integrated library for basic geometric shapes: triangles, cylinders, cones, arrows, spheres, bars (box), disks, lines)
  • Also more complex 3D objects:
    • Curves: To generate curves out of points in real-time
    • Grid: Background for the curves
    • Plot: Plots curves added by the user and a grid to show an osciloscope like display.
    • Articulated bodies (using orocos-kdl)
      • Frames: Three arrows, ortogonally oriented.
      • Segments: Bars representing kinematic links.
      • Articulated: A kinematic chain made out of segments.
      • Articulated tree: A kinematic tree made out of articulated bodies.

The git repository is here:

git clone git://
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