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Things to buy

2.4GHz booster for quadrocopter:

BS170 MOSFET for 9x backlight switch.

Piezo speaker, vibrator motor: 9x speaker haptics mod:

Velcro tape, and foam tape

Transmitter Neck Strap Balancer (Futaba)


FPV video switch (to point to nex display :))

3x 3.3V ubec for the xbee

3x 5V 3A and 5A ubec hobbyking

3x 12V 3A and 5A ubec hobbyking

Ribbon cable thicker than the normal one.

Cable ties different sizes

Vacuum-pickup - reichelt, digikey (SMD)

Comprar arduino pro mini

Comprar beaglebone

Tripod screw with nice handle

JST 5-pole female connector

More servo cable 3 meters of each different set of colors

A/V connector for GoPro

ATmega128A to upgrade turnigy 9x.

New board for turnigy 9x from gruvin 9x.

Additional frsky temperature sensor.

hook for turnigy 9x


GPS 10Hz

Barometer better than the BMP085 MS5611

MediaTek MT3329

Optical isolator in mouser for escs

sma-rp male converter for antennas.


20Hz gps

10Hz new mediatek gps

IR camera:

Lentes wide para FPV:

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