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Debian on Wetab

  • For booting put the magic number in the signature entry in the MBR of the usb key. The usb key needs to have a MBR in order to boot.
  • Can be install 32 and 64 bits debian versions.
  • Use kernel from debian, works fine.
  • Had to update to lastest touchscreen firmware version.
  • Don't update BIOS since you loose mic and something else.
  • The patches for 03.2011 from Andy Ross, can give you the accelerometer and the light sensor to work. But its experimental.
  • Install gnome.
  • Use Clearlook metacity .xml file. Edit this file to have bigger window bars, buttons, etc.
  • Use gnome color manager to adjust size of scrollbars.
  • Use appearance to increase font size.
  • Deactivate firefox suggestions. Also install add-ons: adblock plus, flashvideoreplacer, grab and drag.
  • Compile and Install crystalhd from , kernel driver and library. Don't use the one in debian, it's outdated, also don't use the crystalhd from the mainline kernel (staging) is also outdated. When installing the udev rules file set permissions to 0660 and add GROUP=“video”
  • Get compile and install latest mplayer source code. This will bring crystalhd acceleration.
  • Tell smplayer to use this mplayer and tell flashvideoreplacer to use smplayer.
  • Disable cookies for youtube, if not flashvideoreplacer will not work.
  • Xorg file is TODO
  • Make scripts for rotate the screen, scripts: TODO
  • Make scripts to turn on th 3G chip and GPS. TODO. To use the 3G chip, first call this script and then use the network manager to connect.
  • GPS /dev/ttyUSB3 starts giving NMEA data, but never gets a FIX, I tried to activate the RF_SWITCH because from meego they appear to do the same but still didn't work. In meego they use gypsy.
  • In /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/ create a script to turn of the 3G when ttyUSB0 is down. (To save battery)
  • The 3G only works if the device is started (or booted?) with the SIM card inside.
  • In meego is not necessary to have a SIM card inside to have the GPS working.
  • Disable keyboard shortcut for keyaudiomedia, because it gets called everytime you put your finger on top of the top-left corner of the wetab
  • If you compile the kernel with the ambient light sensor patches then, make a script to activate or deactivate the automatic setup of the display light level with echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/asus_laptop/ls_switch
  • Configure onscreen keyboard in gdm (execute at the end of the file inside Init, florence) and screensaver gnome. (on the gconf editor use cellwriter –xid –keyboard-only)
  • Use my accelerometer script to change display orientation. Set it in /etc/gdm/Init/Default (for startup login screen) and also in gnome to start up automatically.
  • In gnome set that when authenticating, don't disable other windows. (Insecure but allows to use the onscreen keyboard). Disable grab in gksu configuration options in gconf editor.
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